Take Courage–He’s in the Waiting

Are you waiting on a promise from God? This one’s for you. Take courage my heart Stay steadfast my soul He’s in the waiting Hold onto your hope Watch your triumph unfold He’s never failing Have you guys heard that song before? It’s one from Bethel, sung by Kristene DiMarco. I’m not going to lie,Continue reading “Take Courage–He’s in the Waiting”

The Purge: How Throwing Out Our Stuff Made us Happier

There I was. Again. Sitting crisscross applesauce in an endless pile of Legos, Barbies, stuffed animals and train tracks… and I thought to myself is it even worth it to have all this STUFF?! If you can relate, decluttering toys and other junk may be just what your family needs too. Three times a week IContinue reading “The Purge: How Throwing Out Our Stuff Made us Happier”