Fall Fresh Start || Using This Season to Change Your Patterns

Breaking Old Patterns

Inside: Learn how to break old patterns and shake up your routine this season

Break Old Patterns

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It’s FALL, y’all!!

And for me, that signifies new beginnings. I know for a lot of people, spring does that. But for some reason, fall has always been my jam. The old is passing away, and there’s a fresh, crisp feeling in the air.

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But enough of that. Back to getting out of our rut!

Maybe you’re a fall person. Maybe you’re not. But either way, you can shrug off that old dirty cloak in favor of something more fitting (Mark 10:50). You’re not bound by anything! Not your circumstances, your financial situation, your relationship status, or anything else that tries to make itself larger than God in your life.

It’s a new season. And we can use things happening in the physical to help shift our minds in the right direction. Like jumping a car to get it to come back to life. We can use the changes in the air to stir up change in our hearts.

Some practical ways to see change this season:

1. Start new routines.

Our daily flow has naturally shifted since it’s school time. But I’ve also started cleaning my home differently, following different patterns in the evening, and even doing things a little differently with the kids’ bedtime wind-down. Most of the changes are things that I’ve thought about but never actually implemented. If you have some things you’ve been wanting to shake up in your daily flow, take this time to do it. It seems simple, but the impact on your mind can be amazing.

2. Get inspired.

I’ve been taking in SO MUCH good input recently. Specifically books. I just finished up another incredible one, entitled The Dream of You by Jo Saxton. It’s all about getting back to the true YOU–who God created you to be before the world left its mark.

3. Shake up your environment.

Guys, my house was SO CLUTTERED. I knew there was a lot. It had started to bother me. But, y’all. There was so much more than what I even thought. So I’ve been going through our home these past couple weeks and slowly, but surely getting rid of things we don’t need. There’s just something freeing about pitching the excess. And it’s glorious.

4. Make new connections.

This is so hard for me. I have a tendency to be friendly and kind, to be that person who listens to others. But to not actually make myself vulnerable enough to fully connect. But we were created to be relational. As uncomfortable and naked as it makes me feel, I have to step out and let other’s see me. It’s all a part of walking in the light. (And it helps keep us protected when we stumble.)

5. Set one big goal.

From the very beginning, our souls were made for work. Don’t confuse this for working to gain God’s love. We have that, unconditionally. And don’t think I’m talking about striving. Striving is the perversion of work. You see, work is good. It’s part of who we are and helps our souls feel fed. But striving comes from the fall of man. As soon as we stopped relying on God, everything got harder. We had to toil to gain an inch. Instead of working and prospering, man was striving and struggling. Thank you, Jesus, for freeing us from the need to strive! Now we can work from the desires of our hearts and flourish again.

What’s ONE thing you want to work toward before the end of the year? Set it. Break it down into small parts. And give yourself enough time to complete each one. When you reach a big goal, it sets your soul on fire! You’ll be inspired to do it again. And again. And again. And you’ll find that your life feels more energizing than draining.

What things do you do that help you feel fresh and ready to conquer the world? Leave them in the comments below!

Until next time,

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