Fall Kids’ Craft (and Relationship Builder) | Thankful Turkey Bags

Fall Kids Craft

November is right around the corner, making it the perfect time to start thinking about this fall kids craft.

Fall Kids Craft | Turkey Bags

IF YOU’RE SKIMMING THIS ARTICLE:: Make sure to complete this activity BEFORE November 1st. (But even if you don’t see this until November and are late for the party, it’s still a fun idea to do! It’ll make an impression, even if you only do it for a week.)

A few days ago, I was trying to think of some little crafts to do with the kids this fall. Sure, Pinterest has tons of ideas. But I didn’t want something that would be done in 10 minutes, hang on the fridge for a month, then go into the keepsake box without making much of a memory or lasting impression. Don’t get me wrong, I love their art. But if I keep adding crafts for every season to the “keepsakes,”

  1. we’re going to run out of attic space and
  2. my husband is going to move out.

So I needed another option.

Remember Valentine’s Day bags from school? The ones you decorated and everyone would drop store-bought little cards into? That’s what came to my mind. This craft is a little like that, but so much more emotionally powerful. AND it helps to strengthen your bond with your kids.

How to Make This Fall Kids Craft

Things You’ll Need:

  • one brown paper bag for each child
  • brown, red, orange, and yellow construction paper
  • googly eyes (or construction paper eyes)
  • Elmer’s glue
  • index cards
  • a sharpie
  • scissors

To Make the Turkey Bags

Either pre-cut turkey heads, beaks, gobblers and feathers OR draw them on construction paper, and have your kids cut them. If you’re using construction paper for the eyes, go ahead and cut those out too.

Cutting Instructions:

I started with the head/neck part of the turkey. This picture shows its size in relation to the bag.

Fall Kids Craft

Next, I started on the feathers. Since I would need 8 feathers of each color (and only wanted to use up 1 sheet of each color), I did the math. I folded a standard piece of construction paper in half, then halved each of those sides again and cut on the lines. Which gave me this:

Fall Kids Craft

I then folded those in half lengthwise and cut on those lines, giving me this:

Fall Kids Craft

Finally I cut those into the general feather shape I was looking for like so:

Fall Kids Craft

Then I cut the beaks and gobblers. The beaks were simple enough–just triangles from the scraps of orange that were left over. I also used scraps for the gobblers as you can see here:

Fall Kids Craft

In the picture, I’m holding a scrap from the feathers, and in the background you can see 2 of the gobblers that I have cut from similar scraps.

Finally, I opted to cut out eyes from construction paper (it was what I had on hand, and they turned out cute). You could totally use googly eyes though! For the larger white area of the eye, I used one of our water bottle lids. We also use it for learning activities, which is why it has a 5 written on it.

Fall Kids Craft

I free-handed the black circle-ish shapes and glued them onto the whites. When complete, all of the pieces should like this:

Fall Kids Craft


Arrange the feathers around the top half of the bag, and glue them down.

Fall Kids Craft

Side note: If you have multiple kiddos, be sure to write their names on the bottom of the bags before getting started so you know what belongs to who.

Next, glue on the head/neck pieces.

Finally, add the eyes, beaks, and gobblers.

Fall Kids Craft

And there ya have it! Super simple.

Because they’re precious, here’s a picture of my 2 girls working on their bags!

Fall Kids Craft

Adding Some Love to Last the Whole Month

Here’s the best part.

When the kids aren’t with you, cut index cards into strips large enough for a word or two to be written on them. You’ll need 30 for each child. Then take the sharpie, and on each strip, write something about that child that makes you thankful for them. Character traits, personality quirks, anything that you cherish about them.

Put the words into their turkey bags.

On November 1st, tell them that there is something special in their bags, just for them. Have them blindly choose only one card out of their turkey for every day of the month.

They can either read it, have you help them sound it out, or you can read it to them, depending on their reading ability. After its read, talk about each word and why you love that thing about them so much.

Even if you have a busy schedule, just a few moments that you spend with each individual child, pouring into them, will be special. It can also help your children to cherish the little things like sweet and encouraging words spoken by their parents.

Now back to turkeys…

Fall Kids Craft
Fall Kids Craft

What do you think of this idea? Have any of your own? Tell me in the comments below!

Until next time,

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