2 Important Ways to Pray for Our Kids (and Ourselves)

Prayers for My Kids

Inside: Two main ways that I pray for my children

Prayers for My Children

We all want the best for our children. And as Christ-following moms, we can lift our prayers for our kids to the Lord, knowing that He hears and trusting that He will answer in accordance to His will and what is always best for them. (Even when what’s best for them isn’t necessarily what we’ve imagined.)

So what are these two important prayers that can help them along in their journey?

Two Big Prayers for my Children

When reading endless lists and browsing for what others pray over their kids, I found that most prayers for our children can be pared down to two biggies. Father, give them:

  1. eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts that are soft.
  2. an unshakable relationship with You.

These aren’t the only two things I pray over my children (but they’re two big ones!).

It’s also important to let the Holy Spirit speak through you on a personal level when it comes to your kids–watering their strengths and pruning things that may hold them back.

Eyes to See, Ears to Hear, and Hearts that are Soft

So much is wrapped up into this prayer alone.

On numerous occasions in the Word, Jesus speaks of spiritual blindness. The ability to see things from a perspective of the Spirit is extremely important. In navigating the world around them, our kids are going to need the ability to see things through spiritual eyes.

Then there’s that still small voice. The enemy roars and shouts to get our attention because he’s not within us. But God is. So He uses a still small voice within our hearts to communicate with us. It can take time to learn how to hone in and hear Him over all the noise. With this one, its important to not only pray that our kids have the ears to hear His voice but also for us to disciple them in hearing it. But that’s a different post for a different day.

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Soft hearts has more to do with the ability to accept what we’ve seen and heard. We all have the choice between obedience and bucking the authority of God. Praying for soft hearts in our kids is HUGE if we want them to act on what they’ve seen and heard.

An Unshakable Relationship with the Lord

We know there is a very real enemy that would love to keep our kids from communion with God through Jesus. He’s out to plant seeds early on that will rear their ugly heads later in the lives of our children. But we as their moms can pray for them to have an unshakable relationship with the Lord. We can pray that the seeds the Holy Spirit plants through us will be the ones that are watered, take root, and bear fruit.

I pray that the plans of the enemy in their lives would be uprooted and exposed through their closeness with God. That lies and counterfeits would have no place in their hearts and minds because they already know the real thing.

From both of these prayers then, the rest flow more easily. They give us a foundation to begin. Then we continue to listen to the Spirit as we’re praying and branch out from there.

Praying them Over Ourselves

When praying these things over our children, it’s also wise to pray them over ourselves. So that we can be a model for our children, but also because we need a solid relationship with the Lord and the discernment that comes through Him too.

As a model for our kids

Firstly, it’s so true that children learn much more from what we do than what we say. When they see our relationship with the Lord, it gives them a working model. By modeling the fruit of the spirit of God in our own lives, it helps give them a picture of what it looks like.

Of course, it’s important to add here that the fruit of the Spirit is NOT something we work up ourselves. It’s not something we’re striving for.

Prayers for our children

An apple tree doesn’t sweat and toil to try to force itself to produce apples. They grow naturally as a product of the apple tree because of the nourishment and sunlight it receives. We, too, have to be connected to our source of nourishment and light to grow spiritual fruit. Otherwise, it’s only a work of the flesh and is in vain.

As help for us as parents

Secondly, praying these words in our own lives allows us to clearly see the insight and wisdom from God that helps us navigate difficult parenting situations. On more than one occasion, I’ve retreated to my bedroom or the bathroom to let out a good cry or scream into my pillow. Mostly because I don’t want to let it out all over them.

Prayers for my children
For my post on getting through hard days with kids, give it a click! ^^

And once I let it all out, quiet my heart, and pray, I can usually hear God a lot better and get some answers for what to do in that moment. All I need are eyes that see the situation at hand for what it truly is, ears to hear what he would have me do, and a heart that’s soft enough to receive it, even if it goes against my pride.

And of course, we understand the importance of spiritual protection in parenthood. Our enemy prowls about as a roaring lion, waiting to devour us in every facet of our lives. Of course, it’s in his plan to seek to destroy us in parenthood and negatively affect the next generation. He hates the family bond because he hates the God who blesses it.

And if he can convince us we’re doing poorly, that we can’t make it, that we have to throw up our hands in defeat and parent them on autopilot, then he’ll do so. Staying conscious of that fact can keep us from being derailed.

So these prayers are just as important for us as they are for our kids.

What things do you pray over your kids on a regular basis?

Until next time,

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