Take Courage–He’s in the Waiting

Waiting on a Promise from God

Waiting on the promises of GodAre you waiting on a promise from God? This one’s for you.

Take courage my heart
Stay steadfast my soul
He’s in the waiting
Hold onto your hope
Watch your triumph unfold
He’s never failing

Have you guys heard that song before? It’s one from Bethel, sung by Kristene DiMarco. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t one of my favorites when it first came out, but it’s growing on me.

Here’s the Thing…

For no word from God will ever fail. Luke 1:37 (NIV)

I recently saw that verse posted on Twitter, and it got me thinking about all the promises I have in my pocket from God. All of the words spoken over me. All of the exciting plans whispered to my heart. For a while, it seemed that everywhere I went, someone was speaking into me.

Then it slowed to a trickle. And now, there are times when it feels as though all of the excitement over what God is birthing in me has dried up.

I see other people getting words, flourishing in their personal walks. But here I am, sitting in the Sahara. And I tell myself to take courage because He’s in the waiting. And yet, discouragement falls. I begin to feel as though somewhere along the way, my promise died. Like my womb is empty.

Waiting on the Promise

Waiting on a Promise from GodI say womb because it feels that way.

Like when you’re told a miracle is growing within you and you begin to prepare a nursery. You pick out paint colors and dream of all the joy that is going to come from that precious gift. You keep waiting and waiting. It seems like forever. Then you see other friends headed to labor and delivery, and you start to wonder, is there really anything growing in me at all? Hello? Knock, knock. Anything in there? Shouldn’t it have matured by now?

All of that excitement and preparation and waiting just to continually come back to an empty nursery. A place of dreaming and anticipation slowly becomes a place of worry and pain.

When is it coming?
Did I do something to mess it up?

Anybody but me ever feel that way?

If so, this is what I’m hearing: trust Me. God wants our trust, and He’s the One being who is actually worthy of it. Humans make mistakes, but God is never going to fail us. He literally can’t.

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Just because we feel dried out doesn’t mean that our promise has died. We’re in the waiting room. But during this period, there are important things for us to learn that prepare us for the promise God has already secured for us.

Remember His Faithfulness

In the meantime, here’s what we can do…

I was at a women’s study on spirit, soul, and body one evening when one of my friends said something. It wasn’t anything that I hadn’t heard before, but this time, I was ready to receive it because I needed it.

We got on a discussion about God’s provision and His faithfulness. Then she explained that it always helps her to have conversations with her family about all the ways God has come through for them in the past. No matter how many times they rehash the same stories, it’s comforting and a good reminder for her to hear them over and over again.

That’s what we need!

Here are some of the little (and big) promises that He has fulfilled for me in the past:

He’s never left me or forsaken me (even back when I was drinking my worries away in grungy bars).
I was heartbroken from divorce. But then He gave me a husband who checked off all the “must-haves” on my list.
I felt misunderstood. But then He gave me friends who have been through the same things I’ve been through.
I had two miscarriages. But then He gave me four children. His blessings were double what I had lost!
He always provides (even when we’ve been worried–like when my husband, our only source of income, was out of work for 6 MONTHS).
And He always delivers the encouragement that I need, in perfect timing. (Not always when I want it, but when I truly need it)

His Word is Always Reality

He always has my back. Not only is it not in His nature to lie, but He literally can’t. Anything spoken from His mouth becomes true. He could decide to say, “the grass is purple, and dogs walk on two legs,” and it would become reality. That’s just who He is and the nature of His authority.

Of course, we do have free will. He’s a gentleman and won’t force anything on us. We can choose to reject whatever He speaks to us. But as long as He speaks it, and we’re on board, this train isn’t going off the tracks. Let’s all take a collective deep breath.


The Best is Yet to Come

We’re not in this alone. He’s in the waiting. And the waiting may seem boring. When do we get to do the real stuff? But it’s necessary. Champions don’t go into the ring unprepared.

And realize, the preparation may not be related to knowledge or experience. It may be about our trust.

Are our eyes always on God?
Are we assured of His love and His goodness?

Those are the types of things we need to have securely in our hearts before we go to slay the giant.

That’s my lesson:

  • Am I relying on Him, or am I still relying on what I think and feel?
  • Have I surrendered to His unending love, or am I still trying to deserve it?
  • Am I seeing myself based on what His word has told me, or am I still looking at others’ opinions and judging myself based on that?
  • Am I focused on the path He has for me, or am I looking around to see what He’s doing for everyone else?
  • Am I acting like His beloved or like a slave to self-righteousness?

He’ll come through. I don’t need to worry about Him doing His part. All I need to do is get cozy in the secret place and learn to trust Him fully while I wait for all those big promises to get here.

Until next time,

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