An Anecdote on Salvation: The Cure

gift of salvation

gift of salvationThe Poison

Imagine sin as a poison that sits on your counter top in a pretty bottle. When you drink it, the feeling that shoots through your body is satisfying and exhilarating. There’s usually a bitter after taste, but of course, the worst part is the death that it starts in your body. No one is inflicting death on you; it naturally comes from drinking the tantalizing poison.

The Gift

Your father goes and gives his most precious possession so that he can get you the best cure there is. In the past, the antidote for the poison wore off and had to be repeated if the person ever lost the tempting battle and drank from the poison again. But your father wants a better way for you. What he gets is no temporary antidote. This cure stays within you, even if you drink from sin’s bottle again. But it also lessens those cravings that your brain has started to develop for the poison. Instead of feeling exhilarated, the bitter taste of sin comes quickly, making you less likely to pick it up again.

Your father is so excited for what he has gotten you. He brings your gift home and sets it on the table for you to drink. Instead of the pretty ornate bottle that sin is kept in, this one looks plain, humble on the outside. You wonder how great the stuff inside of it could even be. Your father assures you he loves you and would only give you the very best.

The Doubt

“Hmm,” you think to yourself. “I’ve heard of this ‘cure’ before. If it’s so great, why does the world bottle up and sell sin? We all drink the poison, but that’s life. It may kill me, but it’s my body, my choice. I’m not going to fall for some stupid ‘magic’ trick in a bottle. Even if I was delusional enough to believe it does work, it may cause me to give up my sin. I need it. It’s become a part of me.”

Free will always comes with a choice. I find it's best to really explore the option I'm being given before turning it down #salvation #freegift

The Choice

This is your choice. You can choose to leave the free gift from your father–the cure to what ails you–on the table and not drink it. It’s still yours, but it’s doing you no good since you’ve decided not to accept it. The poison takes its toll. Of course, it breaks your father’s heart. He didn’t want death for you. That’s why he went above and beyond to give you a gift that would ensure your life. But accepting or rejecting it was your choice to make.

The Truth

But maybe instead, you do choose to accept the gift your father gave you. You may be a little skeptical, but you decide to drink from the bottle. When you do, it’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. It’s simple and natural, yet there are all these complex notes of flavor. It’s good. When you drink from it, you find yourself wanting more. This cure is nothing like what the world said it was. You look down at your body. Your complexion has changed from one of sickness to a glow of health. You stretch and realize you’ve never felt better. Your father wasn’t lying. The world was. You could have passed up the thing that gave you true life and health all because you were afraid of being fooled, but the truth is, you already were.

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